The Emergence of ILL

//The Emergence of ILL

Located in Los Angeles at the historic Van De Kamp Innovation Center, the Immersive Learning Lab (ILL) first came together in November of 2018. The ILL team consists of a partnership between The Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD), California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, TRC Solutions, and Applied Learning Science. Together, we are working toward a common goal of integrating the latest in augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) technology in higher education and to provide safe technological alternatives regarding training within the Energy, Construction, and Utilities (ECU) sector. With all this talent at the table, there was one issue…how were people going to know we exist? The answer was simple, or at least we thought so: let’s have an event where we’ll introduce the team and showcase the latest in immersive technologies. And as if that were not enough, let’s set the date for January 25th, 2019!

With the event right around the corner there were a few things that we needed to get done, such as ensuring we had the latest immersive learning technologies in place to showcase, book keynote speakers, and send out invitations (not to mention the other 1,000 logistical tasks involved to hold a technology-focused event in a space with limited internet capacity). The following weeks were hectic, full of long days and late nights to make sure everything was in place for an engaging and informative event. Everyone on the team came from different backgrounds and brought a unique set of experiences. However, as previously mentioned, we all share a common goal.

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